Do You Know Distinctive UK Rolex Zephyr Replica Watch?

Many people may not be familiar with the Rolex Zephyr watches. The unique feature of them have mainly embodied on the design of the dials and bezels, while the most distinctive feature of the luxury Rolex Zephyr fake watch is its crosshair pattern, which has divided the dial into four equal zones. As the Oyster Perpetual watch of Rolex has not been set with date window, the whole dial looks more simple and and pure with the decoration of the cross curve.

The Rolex Zephyr watches are very rare and precious.
Distinctive Rolex Zephyr Knockoff Watches

In addition to the recognizable dial, another important detail of the Rolex Zephyr is the unique bezel which has been decorated with cutting grooves and facets. Rolex began to manufacture the Zephyr watches and the original model was Ref.6582 which had been equipped with calibre 1030. The Oystersteel case copy Rolex looks very simple and elegant and there were even no any numerals hour markers on the dial.

The cross curve makes the timepiece look more simple and elegant.
Rolex Zephyr Fake With Gold Bezel

In the end of 1950s, Rolex launched the ref.1008 which had been equipped with calibre 1560. This timepiece looked much more understand and pure under the background the cross curve.