Baselworld 2019: UK Rolex Day-Date Replica Watch With Gradient Green Dial

Rolex has released many luxury fake watches on Baselworld, offering more choices for the watch fans. Among all the delicate new Rolex watches, I think the green dial Day-Date is the most eye-catching one.

The green dial looks very amazing and attractive.
Gold Bracelet Fake Rolex

There are two Day-Date watches are released including the green dial version and brown dial version. As I said before, the green version is the most attractive one for it is not the ordinary green but exuding the unique gradient visual effect. The Rolex Day-Date copy with gold case looks pure and fresh.

Made from the precious metal, the Day-Date is always very expensive.
Precious Rolex Day-Date Knockoff Watch

When seeing this 36 mm Rolex imitation watch, you think think that the spring is coming, and everything goes well. Day-Date has always been made with the precious metal which determines that the price will not be low. However, the precious Day-Date is worthy of owning.

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