Baselworld 2019: UK Rolex Day-Date Replica Watch With Gradient Green Dial

Rolex has released many luxury fake watches on Baselworld, offering more choices for the watch fans. Among all the delicate new Rolex watches, I think the green dial Day-Date is the most eye-catching one.

The green dial looks very amazing and attractive.
Gold Bracelet Fake Rolex

There are two Day-Date watches are released including the green dial version and brown dial version. As I said before, the green version is the most attractive one for it is not the ordinary green but exuding the unique gradient visual effect. The Rolex Day-Date copy with gold case looks pure and fresh.

Made from the precious metal, the Day-Date is always very expensive.
Precious Rolex Day-Date Knockoff Watch

When seeing this 36 mm Rolex imitation watch, you think think that the spring is coming, and everything goes well. Day-Date has always been made with the precious metal which determines that the price will not be low. However, the precious Day-Date is worthy of owning.

The Evolution History Of Rolex Explorer II Replica Watch With Oystersteel Case

In 1989, Rolex released the updated Explorer II ref.16570 and it has many features with ref.16550. However, it has been upgraded in many aspects. The timepieces equipped with calibre 3186 has been featured with the newest inner bezel which has been engraved with “ROLEX ROLEX ROLEX” at that time.

The black hands and hour markers are striking to the white dial.
Rolex Explorer II Replica With Oystersteel Bracelet

Another difference is the black frame of the Rolex Explorer II fake watch with white dial. In order to celebrate the collection’s 40th birthday, the watch brand released the Ref.216570. Although the overall design sports a modern style, the timepiece was created to pay tribute to the original ref.1655.

This timepiece is created to pay tribute to the original ExplorerII.
42 MM Rolex Explorer II Knockoff Watch

The diameter of this practical Rolex copy watch has been enlarged from 40 mm to 42mm, making it stronger and huger. The hands and hour markers are enlarged to keep the balance of the visual effect, meanwhile, offering greater readability. The orange 24-hour hand is also created to salute the original Explorer II. The cheap Rolex is not only the good choice for adventurers, but also for the travelers.